Beer and cookie pairing next week!

I’ve talked to many people that wish they could have attended the beer and cookie pairing that I did last month at Zuni Street brewing. Well, here’s your chance!! Next Tuesday, May 23rd from 4-8pm you can come down and try some cookies and beer together.

Zuni Street Brewing has been open for a little while now, just a couple of months, but their beer has already proved itself in the craft beer world. As someone who has worked in the beer industry for fiveish years now, I’m proud to be able to pour beer for these guys. It’s always a little intimidating to start working for a brewery where you’ve never tried the beer before. I have a hard time faking that I like a beer if I don’t, but I’m happy to report that I appreciate all of the beer that Willy has been putting out since day one!

So here we have it. Another beer and cookie pairing! I also have my cookies for sale there so you can swing by for cookies whenever you have that sweet craving!

RSVP to the pairing: Beer and Cookie Pairing

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