Preparing for a New Year

Resolutions are a big thing for most people. Lose weight, be healthier, think more about others, etc. I’ve participated in resolutions almost every year with things such as try a new fruit every week, hike a new area once a week, write every day…and it always works for the first month and then everything falls apart. Did you know there is a day just for ditching your resolution?! Stay tuned for a really fun cookie event on that particular day!

This isn’t about resolutions though. Earlier in November I decided I needed to make some big changes in order to see success in the future. As some of my friends and family already know, I’ve decided to leave my full time job in order to give 100% (and more) to the bakery.

2018 is going to be a big year.

This is my last week working full time at Zuni Street Brewing. It has been a long time coming just because I am constantly working, whether it’s at the brewery or on the bakery, and I’ve found that I do need sleep to be functional and I also like having friends which I’ve slacked on keeping up with lately. I NEVER want to be that person that forgets about plans with friends, misses important family events or makes my boyfriend feel insignificant in my life. As much as I love being a small business owner, I love my friends and family even more. After all, they are the reason I can call myself a small business owner.

Bartending at a brewery has been a really, really great time. I have learned so many things. From working at Denver Beer Co and gaining so many great and amazing friends that I plan on having for the rest of my life, to ending my bartending career at a new brewery in Denver that has helped Good Sugar Baking grow so much. I cannot thank any of those people enough. I’m sad to leave Zuni Street Brewing because the people there are some of my favorite. I’ve never been a part of such a welcoming, weird and fun group of people.

I have had a lot of people ask me, “what’s next?!” and that’s a good question. I will still be picking up shifts at Zuni Street (as long as they let me!) but most of my time and effort will be in Good Sugar Baking. I have a lot of really exciting ideas coming up. I plan on blogging more, having a super solid online store, gaining more sales and catering events, partnering with more breweries and other stores, getting better packaging and eventually hiring people so I can focus on the areas that I’m the strongest in.

So, as I say goodbye to full time bartending, make sure to visit me either today (Monday) or Friday at Zuni Street Brewing. This is a huge step for me and I want to make sure I keep in contact with everyone! I love all of my coworkers and regulars and don’t want to lose anyone.

All of that being said, feel free to reach out to me for any of your cookie needs. I’m available for catering, pairings, staff parties, holiday parties, gift packages and whatever else! Let’s talk. Reach out to me at

Thank you to everyone.

Five years ago…

I finished college five years ago today. A lot has changed, for better or for worse, most of it is definitely for the better. Reminiscing is always fun! It has been quite a journey just in the last five years, and then thinking about ten years ago?! Wow. I’ve grown so much as a person and continue to grow. Did I think I’d be running my own business at the age of 27? Nope. Did I think I’d even have a dog? Nah. Did I think I would be a bartender? Not at all. Did I think I’d travel to so many parts of the world? Never. Yet here I am. Do I regret any of it? No, not really.

Running your own business is probably one of the most challenging things you could ever do. It’s mentally taxing, physically tiring and emotionally devastating at times. It’s also extremely rewarding and something that is to be so proud of. I’ve learned more about different aspects of life than I ever thought I would just by starting a business.

The best thing you could ever do is ask questions. I met up with a guy from Small Business Association who told me exactly what I needed to start my business when it came to licenses. I’ve also sat down with friends who run their own business and asked them questions that I thought would make me sound super dumb.

To quote one of my favorite songs, “If I fall back down, you’re gonna help me back up again, If I fall back down, you’re gonna be my friend.” – Rancid

If you’re debating whether or not you should start your own business, feel free to ask me questions. Although a majority of the time I’m thinking, “alright, act like you know what you’re doing. You got this,” I do know some things. Google is also an amazing tool. Just make sure what you read about is credible.

We’re all in this crazy, messed up and beautiful world together.

National Small Business Week

Happy May! I’m sure you’ve seen the great Justin Timberlake meme “It’s gonna be May,” which I’m super pumped about because WHO DOESN’T THINK NSYNC WAS THE BEST BOY BAND?!?! I actually liked Backstreet Boys more but we can fight about that later.


Anyways, this month is going to be a busy and fun one for Good Sugar Baking! We’re starting off strong with National Small Business Week. Not that we’re doing much with it, except acknowledging that we’re the smallest of all the small businesses, working hard and seeing movement happening. This week started back in 1963 when President Lyndon B. Johnson proclaimed that American small businesses helped create competition with big businesses and gave consumers choices. Ever since then, a week in May is declared National Small Business Week to celebrate the success of all small businesses. We’re one of them! Yay for giving consumers delicious cookie choices!

What else is going on this month?! Well, there’s going to be a Good Sugar Baking launch party at Zuni Street May 23rd from 4-8pm. There will be a beer and cookie pairing in case you missed the last one, but it will also initiate the great partnership between the brewery and bakery as Zuni Street Brewing is going to be selling Good Sugar Baking cookies on a regular basis!

Other than that, I’m busy working on all of the Kickstarter rewards (thanks again everyone!), scheduling events around town, getting more accounts to carry cookies and planning for the rest of the summer. Hint: there’s going to be a summer party in a month or so that involves cookies and ice cream…yum!!

Oh, I’m also working on a gluten free cookie for all of you glutards. It had to happen some day. I’m hopeful that it’ll turn out to be THE BEST COOKIE EVER.

“I don’t have the time.”

You’ve always wanted to start a business. You know you’re an entrepreneur, you have some great ideas and you have the drive to do so. So, what’s stopping you?

Almost every day I hear someone talk about how they want to start their own business but they have a million excuses as to why they aren’t going to. They don’t know what kind of business they want to start, they don’t have the money to start a business, they don’t have the time to start a business, etc.

All of those are excellent reasons for why you wouldn’t start a business….BUT. They’re not really stopping you. Don’t know what kind of business to start? What do you love? What do you see having potential to make other peoples’ lives (and yours) easier? That can be a business. I love baking and supporting nonprofits, so why not make a business combining the two. Don’t have the money to start a business? Yes you do. You have the money because there are so many ways to get the money, what it really comes down to is if you’re willing to go into a lot of debt immediately. Or use your savings. Or ask for money from people you know. Don’t have the time to start a business? Make time. Yeah, there are only 24 hours in a day and you do need to eat/sleep/do other business during that time, but  you can always make time. Adjust your schedule and prioritize. You can do it!

Basically, all I’m saying is that if you want to do something – whether you want to start a business, write a novel, learn a new language – whatever it is, you can do it. Don’t listen to what anybody else says (except when they’re supportive of the idea), find someone who will guide you along the way in whatever way you need and go for. Make time, take out loans, do what you love. Good Sugar Baking is the result of me doing what I love. I’m also hoping other people see how happy and proud it makes me and it helps push them to do what they love too.