New Nonprofit Partner!

When I started Good Sugar Baking I knew that I couldn’t just have a bakery. I have wanted to work with nonprofits for a long time and even though I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and understanding on how working in the nonprofit world works, I never found a position that I knew I would enjoy fully with one. I’ve always been a fan of supporting others, whether it’s collaborating together to create delicious meals, craft beers, or whatever, it has always been important to me.

So it’s important to me that my own business supports others. That’s why a percentage of every sale goes to a nonprofit. Although I know that at the beginning I might not be giving as much as I’d like to just because I’m starting off small, it’s still better than nothing. My hope is that I work with nonprofits who want to include Good Sugar Baking in any of their events, letting me volunteer alongside them, hand out cookies, whatever the case may be.

I’m really excited about this new partnered nonprofit. Minds Matter of Denver is a pretty great organization. I spent a lot of time researching this nonprofit so I could properly tell people what this nonprofit does and how it benefits our community.


Minds Matter supports students from low income families by preparing them for college and their future. When I first moved to Denver, I taught tennis to low income family students and I really enjoyed it. It was with a different nonprofit (future partnership!) and it really opened up my eyes to the importance of helping those who have a lower income, even if it is just teaching some kids how to play a sport that they don’t really care about.

I look forward to working with Minds Matter and providing them with some help as well!


Partnering with the good

Throughout the process of starting a small business I’ve come to realize that a lot of my friends are doing side projects that are really impressive. Nobody seems to talk about these things until all of a sudden it’s something that you could really use.

For instance, my good friend Nick has a production company, Loxodonta Productions. I have been aware of this since I’ve known him for the past three or so years, but I’ve never thought “man, I could really use a solid production company right now,” until I decided to do a Kickstarter project for Good Sugar Baking. Sure enough, Nick was the first person that I thought of because I knew that to be successful with Kickstarter you need to have a video.

Nick has an incredible background in film, from watching films and critiquing them to owning the equipment necessary to shoot some pretty cool stuff. I had helped him and his business partner with some marketing and SEO tips, hopefully benefitting them in some sort of way. So, when I texted Nick to ask if he’d be interested in helping me create a video for Kickstarter and other promotional events, he seemed excited and willing to help! I’ve always had an issue with asking people for help, especially when I can’t pay them what they’re worth, so it took some courage but I’m so glad I did it!! I’m sure Nick’s looking forward to some beer, cookies and shout outs coming his way too.

I’ve seen Loxodonta Productions release some amazing stuff and I’m excited to continue to watch them grow. My Kickstarter video is exactly what I was looking for and it was so fun to spend a morning surrounded by friends that wanted to help Good Sugar Baking!

I strongly encourage anybody that is looking for great production skills to reach out to Nick and Loxodonta Productions. Stay tuned for my Kickstarter video that will be released March 22nd! For those able to make it to the Kickstarter Kick-off Party, Good Sugar Baking is going to have plenty of treats for you!!