Celebrating five years in Colorado

I made it! Five of my most glorious years have been spent in this beautiful state. I have always said it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and that’s still true to this day. There’s nothing I regret about moving to Colorado. Sure, if I would have known Boulder is not the town for me I would not have started there, but that only lasted a few months anyways and I sure did learn from that experience.

It’s really a challenge to do something completely new. It’s hard to get me into a raft, but once you do I’m having a blast. I’m definitely someone who is hesitant about new things and I try really hard to think of every possible thing that could happen, good or bad, and determine whether I think it’s worth it or not.

So five years ago, on June 1st, I packed up my tiny Kia Rio with my parents in tow and my cat meowing nonstop on my lap and drove from Coon Rapids, Minnesota to Boulder, Colorado. It was not easy. I planned on moving right after I graduated college and settled on Colorado for the beer, outstanding climate and the many opportunities I could pursue with my career. I found a roommate on Craigslist, a guy who needed a roommate (no lease, SUPER CHEAP rent) and searched for jobs. That guy turned out to be a Bud Light drinking weirdo who sat at home every night watching his high school basketball videos. I decided that not only was he not the roommate I was looking for, but I couldn’t tolerate how hard it was to find a job in Boulder or how pretentious the people were. So I got a job and moved to Golden.

The rest is history. I’ve had multiple jobs, too many relationship failures, eight different addresses and even more amazing memories. I’ve made best friends. I’ve started an amazing small business. I’ve raised an amazing dog, gone to unforgettable concerts, ate amazing food, had plenty of rooftop cocktails, swam in rivers, hiked mountains, camped with wildlife. I know what festivals are worthy of your time, where to get the best views of Denver and where to avoid rattlesnakes.

Five years doesn’t seem like a long time until you think of everything you have accomplished. I’m so proud of myself. Take a moment to think of your life and what you have accomplished. Be proud of yourself.