Seedstock Beer and Cookie Pairing!

This week!!! Don’t have anything to do on Wednesday?! Then you have to come to the beer and cookie pairing at Seedstock Brewery. This brewery has been open for a short period of time, but they’re pumping out the beers and making a good name for themselves.

Which is why I’m super excited to have a beer and cookie pairing there!

16992421_936254316510145_9068343059202787375_oI’m also SUPER EXCITED that Mile High Brass Band is going to be playing during the pairing too. These guys are fantastic musicians and include two of my favorite Denver people.

(Photo Credit: Kelly Maxwell)

Come check it out from 6-8pm. Make sure to hit “going” on the Facebook event page to secure your pairing!

Here’s the link: Hump Day Beer and Cookie Pairing

Account Spotlight: Zuni Street Brewing

With the start of business it’s hard to keep up with everything. One thing I’ve been wanting to do is Account Spotlights. I think it’s important to make sure everyone that carries your product feels appreciated and knows how much it means to your business that they support you. Besides providing accounts with sample cookies for their staff to try, updates from me and an open line of communication I try my best to make sure they get exposure via social media. So this week starts the beginning of the Account Spotlight posts.


First up is Zuni Street Brewing. These guys have been substantial in helping Good Sugar Baking grow. Not only did they provide me with a bartending gig that has helped me promote Good Sugar while promoting their delicious beers, but they are the first place to sell the cookies and let me host Beer and Cookie pairings at the brewery once a month.

There are two people behind Zuni Street Brewing: Tj and Willy. Willy has an outstanding background in craft beer, has worked for two amazing breweries and is now putting out some of Denver’s best beer. Tj manages front of house and outside sales (along with a ton more things) and I’m not exactly sure how he balances all of it.

Besides the beer, Zuni Street is a great place for events, they love having large groups for birthdays, anniversaries, receptions, etc. With two large patios that are very dog friendly, giant jenga, cornhole and other fun games, this brewery is a must-go to this summer! They also have food trucks that rotate every day to provide you with a fresh new food option. Besides food trucks they have locally made popcorn and chips as a savory option and Good Sugar Baking cookies as a dessert!

Check out their Facebook page to see what food trucks are there, RSVP to the many events they’re always hosting (run club every Monday night, live music Thursday’s and Sunday’s, Beer and Cookie Pairings every third Wednesday) and to see what new brews are coming out:

One week to go!

Who hasn’t set themselves a goal before and the entire time been frantic about reaching that goal? That’s me right now. Kickstarter is such a cool crowdfunding tool, I love it, and it’s so easy to use but it takes so much work. Not only have I been annoying my friends to share my Kickstarter with everyone they know, but I have reached out to bloggers, used social media outlets and have been handing out cookie samples for a few weeks now.

And here we are. Down to one week. With $1300 still to raise, I really hope I make it! Here’s the link, in case you forgot it: Good Sugar baking Kickstarter. I’ve been told the middle of a Kickstarter always sees little movement and then a good push towards the end, and my fingers are crossed! So what am I doing to help reach my goal?

Tomorrow I am going to 38 State Brewing for an 80’s themed party. I will be handing out cookies (there’s even an 80’s themed cookie!), dressed up in 80’s attire and dancing to 80’s music with my good friends The Dollhouse Thieves. I encourage all of you to come; not only will the music be great, but the cookies are delicious AND this brewery makes exceptional beer! They just won 3 three medals at the Denver International Beer Competition.

Next Tuesday, April 18th I am doing a beer and cookie pairing with Zuni Street Brewing. What a great way to try some beer, eat some cookies and hang out on a Tuesday evening! Please come hang out with me before I head off to Memphis for a weekend away.

The Kickstarter ends Friday, April 21st. Please continue to share with your friends and family!!

Dog treats for the win!

So, seeing as how the first partnered nonprofit for Good Sugar Baking helps dogs find their forever homes, I figured I might as well bake some doggie treats to eventually sell. It’s awesome because a majority of the dogs I know aren’t picky, so you can really use as few as three ingredients to bake some pretty delicious treats for your friends.

I’m going to use spent grain from Zuni Street Brewing (grand opening is Wednesday, March 8th!!) to craft these dog treats. I’ve noticed that a lot of people have different restrictions when it comes to what their dog eats, so I have taken into consideration common dog allergies and diet issues to make the best quality dog treats. You will soon be able to get some from Zuni Street Brewing and eventually other places around Denver.

What kind of dietary restrictions do you look for when you’re searching for the perfect dog treat? Are there any brands that you absolutely will not buy? What are some of your favorite dog treats and where do you find them??