Cookie Pairing Update

After seeing a lot of success with beer and cookie pairings around town I have continued to reach out to a lot of different places to do some pairings. They’re always a lot of fun and putting together the pairings is always a really great way to get to know my product better.

This week I have a first time pairing at Joyride Brewing. This brewery is in a great location, right next to Sloan’s Lake so you can go for a quick run and grab a pint after! Their beer is also delicious with a pretty large variety to offer beer drinkers every day. Working with the head brewer, Dave, to put together a really solid pairing has been a great time and I’m hoping they want to do more pairings in the future!

Thursday, January 11th from 6-8pm you’ll be able to come to this really underrated part of Denver for four cookies and four tasters just for $12! It’s a great weeknight event to get friends together and spend a couple hours eating and drinking. There’s also some really great restaurants in the area that you can check out before or after the pairing.



So, which pairing will I see you at?!

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