Seasonal Cookies

You know what one of the best parts about starting a bakery is? Coming up with new recipes. Although I’ve had a lot of these recipes for a long time, so they’ve been around for awhile, now I get to experiment with them more and more.

I am finalizing one of my cookies: White Chocolate Lavender. This one is fantastic! With a chocolate base, white chocolate chips and hints of lavender it’s a great cookie for the summer. It has so many delicious flavors going on in it; the lavender isn’t overpowering and who doesn’t love chocolate?! To be quite honest I have a hard time coming up with recipes that don’t include chocolate because chocolate is just so damn good.

Now I’m thinking of a Fall seasonal cookie. I’ve had a lot of good ideas and have been doing my best to stray away from pumpkin because I think it’s overused and not original at all.

The other day I was at one of my favorite breweries, Spangalang, chatting with one of the bartenders and we were brainstorming some ideas. A gentleman sitting next to me threw out the idea of pecans. Pecans aren’t my favorite, but I do think of the Fall when I think of them. I’ve also been having a hard time not having a butterscotch cookie…so it sounds like there could be something there!

What are some of your favorite seasonal flavors that you’d love to see used with a cookie? I’m always open to new ideas and love including everyone in the cookie baking new idea process!

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