Nonprofit Partnership: 2BAB

Guess what! Good Sugar Baking has picked their first partner nonprofit and I’m super excited about it! The first nonprofit that will collect 10% of every sale is 2 Blondes All Breed Rescue. This rescue means a whole ton to me because it has provided me with this beautiful dude:


I adopted Ben back in November, 2015 when he was just a tiny little puppy coming all the way from Texas. After wanting a puppy for so long I went online and started searching, his photo came up and for some reason I couldn’t stop going back to him and looking at him. Eventually I decided I had to have him even though all I had seen was one photo! I applied and that was my introduction to 2BAB.

2BAB consists of some of the nicest people! They are dedicated to rescuing dogs from overpopulated, high-kill shelters.They don’t have an adoption location, they set up foster events around town for people to come and see the dogs and adopt.

I chose to partner with this nonprofit first because they were so helpful in everything I needed to know about adopting my dog, making sure he transitioned into my home well and that he was kept up to date on shots and everything else. Since my dog is a huge part of my life, I would love to give back to them!

I also decided that for my Kickstarter project they will be getting a percentage of every cookie sale then, too. It only makes sense, right?!?!

You can learn more about 2BAB here:

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