High Altitude Baking!

When you’re living 5000+ feet above sea level, baking can become a little bit more difficult. The reason for this is because low air pressure causes doughs to rise easier and lose moisture faster. Ever notice that your water tends to start to boil a lot quicker when you’re above sea level? There you have it. The trick with baking is that every baked good is going to react differently. For instance, cookies generally bake well at high altitude, depending on the complexity of the cookie, which is why those break-and-bake cookies still manage to turn out so tasty even at high altitude. Cake, however, has a difficult time at high altitude.


King Arthur Flour has the best tips for high altitude baking that have never steered me wrong. You can check it out here: high altitude baking.

The trick that always works the best for me is adding more flour. Like I’ve previously talked about, though, flour can be a hassle to work with. So add a small amount at a time to ensure that you aren’t coming out with super crumbly, dry cookies.

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